12″ Aluminium Pizza Peel with 55.5cm Wooden Handle – By Argon Tableware

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Transfer homemade pizzas, bread and pastries to and from the oven in traditional Italian restaurant style with this Aluminium Pizza Peel with Wooden Handle from Argon Tableware. As amateur cooks around the world will testify, arguably the most challenging part of the baking process is actually getting the prepared dough into the oven without either damaging or deforming its structure, or burning your hands on some part of the appliance. With these traditional peels, Argon Tableware delivers hope and salvation to all those who had resigned themselves to a lifetime of frozen pizzas and expensive takeaways! A sleek aluminium blade slides effortlessly underneath your freshly-shaped pizza or pastry, its large surface area perfectly supporting the shape as you transfer it into the oven. A wooden handle keeps hands and fingers well away from the heat, as you simply slide your delicious meal-in-waiting onto the rack. Reverse the process at the end of the cooking time and voila – beautiful, homemade pizza; no fuss, no traumas and no hasty visits to the first aid box! The perfect baking tool for both home kitchens and restaurants alike, the Argon Tableware range of Traditional Pizza Peels ensures risultati perfetti, every single time. Features Aluminium Blade – Lightweight and stable; designed to effortlessly slide foods on and off Wooden Handle – Naturally heat-resistant; weight-distribution aids when transferring foods to and from the oven Durable Construction – Suitable for both home and professional use Easy to Clean – Hand washing recommended Range of Sizes Available – Comes in 61cm and 91.5cm lengths to suit a range of ovens Specifications Contents: 1 Pizza Peel Blade Dimensions: W31 x D36 cm Blade Material: Aluminium Handle Material: Wood Country of Origin: China Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only Dishwasher Safe: No Microwave Safe: No Oven Safe: Yes (Blade Only) Freezer Safe: No Food Safe: Yes


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