2L Cosy Long Hot Water Bottle & Cover Set – By Nicola Spring

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Feeling the chill? Your regular squat water bottle no longer cutting it? The extended 72cm span of our Nicola Spring Long Hot Water Bottles makes them far better at keeping you warmer for longer. Each bottle features a classic rubber construction, designed for maximum flexibility and durability. A series of shallow ridges create pockets of air between the bottle and the cover, helping to maintain temperature.So far, so scientific – but a simple rubber tube hardly screams snuggle me. To fix that, we ve dressed this bottle in a sumptuous faux-fur cover that will feel every bit as cosy as your favourite winter jumper!The longer length means these bottles can be worn around your waist or shoulders – perfect for soothing those hard-to-reach aches and pains. Alternatively, use to preheat your bed for instant comfort when the time comes to turn in! Features Measures a Full 72cm in Length – Allows you to heat a larger area; ideal for pre-heating a bed or for full-body snuggles Plush Faux Fur Cover – Luxurious & incredibly soft; removable for easy cleaning Handy Wraparound Ties at Either End – Can be worn around the waist for warmth & relief wherever you go! 2 Year Warranty – With a dedicated Customer Service Team committed to providing peace of mind from our door to yours. Dimensions Capacity: 2 Litres Width: 11.5cm Depth: 72cm Height: 10cm


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