4 Tier Reinforced Plastic Mini Greenhouse – By Harbour Housewares

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This 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse from Harbour Housewares offers a great, practical shelter in which to cultivate and grow a wide variety of seedlings, fruits, vegetables and flowers. When choosing your greenhouse, there are two key components to consider: the framework that makes up the structure itself, and the material that covers it. Our Harbour Housewares Greenhouses are constructed from a galvanised steel framework. The inherent strength of steel allows for a far slighter, more open framework than alternatives such as wood and plastic, which means a greater number of larger gaps for sunlight to pass through. That steel frame is then covered by a reinforced polyethylene cover. More flexible and affordable than glass or solid plastic, polyethylene greenhouses typically retain up to 40% more heat than glass, making them an ideal environment for plants that require a warmer temperature. The opaque finish also diffuses the sunlight as it passes through, spreading it across a wider area inside the house. Perfect for the true green-fingered aficionados, this greenhouse features 4 wire shelves, with ample space between (and below) for your plants to grow. A rollaway door and rear vent allow you to easily adjust the levels of sunlight and heat to your need, while also offering additional protection in unfavourable weather conditions. Features and Benefits: Galvanised Steel Frame – Incredibly strong; open design allows more light to pass through. Reinforced Polyethylene Cover – Retains heat and diffuses light for a more even coverage Four Shelves – A vertical gardener s paradise; plenty of space for a variety of seedlings, plants and flowers Easy to Assemble – No tools required; instructions included Product Specifications: Height: 160cm Width: 69cm Depth: 49cm


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