80ml Restaurant Grappa Glasses – Pack of Six – By Bormioli Rocco

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Finish any evening meal in true Italian style with the Restaurant range of Grappa Glasses from Bormioli Rocco. Grappa is a pomace brandy, produced in Italy, San Marino and parts of Switzerland through the distilling of the skins, seeds, stems and pulp left over from winemaking. The result, an intensely aromatic beverage, is traditionally served as an after-dinner drink (or digestivo ) designed to help aid digestion after a heavy meal. Traditionally, grappa was drunk out of regular shot glasses. However, as its popularity and global reach increased, the Grappa Glass was created, designed to better accentuate the drink s aromatic qualities. The exaggerated bowl at the top of the stem offers ample room for the beverage s bouquet to develop, while the wider opening channels that fragrance upwards to stimulate the senses and transform every sip into a true tasting experience. Part of Bormioli Rocco s Restaurant collection, each of these glasses has been crafted to suit the demand and expectation of both home and professional establishments alike. Extra-thin, laser cut rims mean maximum flavour, while their patented Star Glass construction ensures a brilliant shine and clarity even after multiple washes. Features and Benefits: Made from Star Glass – Boasting exceptional clarity and shine; strong and durable glassware designed for home and professional use Laser Cut Rims – Extra thin edges offer a more refined tasting experience as the glass doesn t impede the flavour of your beverage Specially Crafted Silhouette – Bowl shape allows the bouquet of grappa to develop, while the wide top channels the aromas towards your nose Dishwasher Safe – For hassle-free cleaning Specifications Brand: Bormioli Rocco Country of Origin: Italy Material: Glass Glass Type: Soda Lime Dishwasher Safe: Yes Pieces: 6 Listing Contents: 6 Glasses Dimensions: Capacity – 80ml H16.5cm x W5cm


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