Round Glass Coasters – Pack of Six – By Harbour Housewares

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This set of 6 Round Glass Coasters from Harbour Housewares provides the perfect finishing touch to any table, with a range of colours to choose from that will ooze class and a tempered construction that ll stand strong from first sip to last. Picture the scene: Back home after a hard day s work, you head to the kitchen to make a revitalising cup of tea or coffee. Brew poured into your favourite mug, you head to the living room and sink into your favourite chair. It s at this point you realise…the mug is too hot to handle! Not only that, but the piping-hot porcelain would almost certainly damage your beloved antique coffee table! Okay, so a Hollywood blockbuster this is not – but the fact remains, the humble coaster plays a vital part in any home. This set of 6 has been crafted from tempered glass to provide exceptional heat resistance as well as high strength and durability. Four padded feet on the underside protect surfaces from scuffs and scratches, while also aiding grip. Available in a range of colours to suit any décor. Features Crafted from Fully Tempered Glass – Offers exemplary resistance to both shock and heat Four Padded Feet on Underside – Protects both coaster and table from scuffing while aiding grip Neutral Styling – Crisp colour slots seamlessly into any style of interior 2 Year Warranty – With a dedicated Customer Service Team committed to providing peace of mind from our door to yours. Dimensions Width: 10cm Depth: 10cm Height: 0.5cm


Grey, Blue


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